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The story behind our logo and slogan

Posted by Ben Wheatley on
The story behind our logo and slogan

Legend has it that there was a couple, somewhere in Kent, who wanted nothing more than to have children and a large family, but unfortunately they were not able to. They decided that they would adopt children from the local orphanage and give them a home on their farm. 

They were wheat farmers, and the couple and all their adopted children became known as the Wheatleys. Now, many years later, this story has shaped how the Wheatleys (my family) respond to many things. We treasure our family. We invite others into our home and into our lives. We share. And we celebrate peoples’ differences - whoever they are, whatever they do.

Why is this important? Because it explains the philosophy behind our brand and it explains the design of our logo.

We wanted our brand to reflect our story and our beliefs. 

Translating the story into a logo

We worked with a great design team at Shapeshift, who took our story, mapped it to our product, and created a logo for Wheatley that perfectly encapsulates who we are and what we do.

  • The first image is a husk of Wheat, representing the family name
  • The second image represents the concept of adjustable, stacking shelves
  • The result  is a symbol that makes perfect sense of both

Illustration of make up of logo. A wheat husk plus adjustable shelving equals Wheatley logo

Finding a tag line that represents our philosophy

Our tagline is “Whoever, whatever”

Our shelving system is designed to be something that works for everyone, everywhere. That’s why it is so easily adjustable. In just a few minutes, you can add, remove and adjust the shelves and cupboards to suit your needs, your room, or your mood.

We believe that your shelving can be beautiful and unique. It should be the stage on which to show off your most treasured items - a celebration of the things you love - whoever you are, and whatever you own.

Lady holding tea standing in front of adjustable shelving system