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Our story

Wheatley Furniture Studios designs and hand crafts unique modular and bespoke furniture pieces from its creative workshop in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Led by London-trained craftsman, Benjamin David Wheatley, the team uses mixed media, mainly wood and steel, to create strikingly modern and memorable furniture designs.

In London, Ben's social group was an ever-evolving, rag-tag community of creatives from all over the place. They each had their own style, and their own story, but they were able to embrace and celebrate each other’s differences. 

In the same vein, Ben believes that furniture is perhaps most impactful when it becomes the canvas upon which human beings express (and accept) themselves – whoever they are, whatever their style. 

Born out of this concept, we recently launched our modular shelving system, The Wheatley Canvas System.

About Benjamin David

Ben grew up in a close-knit, creative family in London, where he studied carpentry and music. 

He developed his craft working on high-end residential projects in West London and Oxfordshire before moving to Cape Town, South Africa in 2014.

Here, he managed several high-profile residential, corporate and hospitality joinery projects, and developed a passion for furniture making.

Today, Ben works as a full-time furniture designer and maker from his Stellenbosch workshop, experimenting with materials and finishes, and refining designs and processes.