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Forma wall mount with slots
eight Forma shelves on adjustable wall mounted shelving system
Forma wall mount with slots
eight Forma shelves on adjustable wall mounted shelving system

7. The Forma wall mount pair

R 800.00

The  Forma wall mounts screw into your wall so that you can attach your shelves and other units.

On your first order, you will need to purchase this pair (to hold up both ends of your shelf, even if you only want one row). If you would like to widen your shelving unit, simply add another wall mount for each row you need.

Each pair of wall mounts needs to be placed 815mm apart to accommodate your shelves and other units. 

There is one width option: 815mm

There are two height options: Full length (1.8m) or half length (0.9m) 

Options, specifications & care instructions

The Wheatley Forma shelving system was created to allow you to design your living space your way.

The possibilities are endless! From a small work area with a desk and a couple of shelves to an entire wall for your library. 

The system works on a cantilever with location slots on the wall mounts for the steel pins in each unit to slot into. Each unit can be adjusted up or down in increments of 100mm.

We recommend a maximum weight of 15kg, spread evenly across each shelf.

Unit options

  • Standard shelf: W840mm or 640mm x  D300mm x H16mm.
  • Middle shelf: W840mm or 640mm x D200mm x H16
  • Shallow shelf: W840mm or 640mm x  D150mm x H16mm
  • Desk: W840  x D500mm x H32mm
  • Display box: W840mm or 640mm x D300mm  x H390mm
  • Cupboard: W840mm 0r 640mm x D300mm x H390mm

Colors and materials

Units and wall mounts are available in a selection of colors and materials, including:

Units include:

  • Oak veneer
  • Ash veneer
  • Maple veneer
  • Sprayed white
  • Sprayed grey
  • Sprayed black

Wall mounts include:

  • Solid Oak
  • Solid Ash
  • Solid Maple
  • Sprayed white
  • Sprayed black
  • Sprayed grey

Steel colors include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Mid grey

* Please contact us for a quote on custom colors or materials

Care instructions

Don't overload the shelves - we recommend a maximum weight of 15kg spread evenly across the shelf.

Clean wooden units with furniture polish when needed. Sprayed units can be wiped down with a damp cloth. We recommend testing any cleaning products on the off-cut provided.

Always clean up any spillages immediately with a damp cloth.